How to Downgrade from iOS 14 to iOS 13 for all iPhones/iPads

How to Downgrade from iOS 14 to iOS 13 for all iPhones/iPads

Many iOS users have reported battery draining issues, and other software bugs in the new iOS 14 first beta.

It's common to see such problems as iOS 14 still in its first beta stage, for now you can restore your iPhone back to iOS 13 easily, as iOS 14 isn't a public version yet. But as soon as iOS 14 gets to public, you won't be able to restore to the old iOS 13

If you wan't to keep iOS 14 new features, you can wait for a new beta update, when it's out you can update it normally as if it  were a public version. 

Note that when restoring your iPhone to older iOS you won't be able to restore the latest backup, as they have been backed up in a newer iOS. Instead, you may back up your photos and files to your computer manually.  

Downloading iOS 13 version: 

To restore iOS 13, you need first to download the latest singed iOS 13 firmware form IPSW website. 

  • Head to IPWS from your internet browser. 
  • Select iPhone, and then the iPhone version you have. 
  • Under "Singed firmware" you will find iOS versions you can restore back to. 

  • Click on the iOS version, then click on "Download

  • The iOS version will start downloading

Restoring iOS 13: 

  • Download iTunes, and Install it on your computer.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer, and iTunes will automatically open.
  • From the iPhone, Trust your Computer, and Enter your passcode.
  • Now you will see your iPhone on the iTunes.
  • Press "Shift + Restore for Windows" or "Commend + Restore for macOS". 
  • Locate the iOS firmware that you have downloaded, and click open.
  • iTunes will start restoring your iPhone. 

When iTunes finishes, you will find your iPhone restored to iOS 13.x
Note that, after this method, all of the Data will be deleted